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Squeaking noise from vehicle inspection

How much does a squeaking noise from vehicle inspection cost?

A squeaking noise is one of the most common ways your vehicle can let you know if something is wrong. Whether it’s when you are braking, when the engine is running or when going over bumps, a squeaking noise is usually an indication that something is worn out and requires replacing. Having an inspection carried out as soon as you notice an unusual noise will ensure that the problem is picked up straight away, before it can cause any more damage.

Why do vehicles squeak?

There are many reasons for a squeaking noise from your vehicle. A worn drive belt or failed idler pulley will squeak due to failed bearings or excessive wear. Brake pads can squeak when the brake wear indicator comes into contact with the brake disc, letting you know it’s time to have them replaced.

Squeaking when going over bumps can indicate worn out suspension bushes that are not supporting critical components, or shock absorbers that are leaking or worn out. All of these issues can be a detriment to your vehicle’s safety, so an inspection as soon as possible is the best course of action.

Common places a squeaking noise could be coming from:

Engine: A squeaking noise coming from the engine could indicate a worn drive belt, a failed idler pulley, or something more sinister like a failing alternator or air conditioning compressor.

Brakes: A squeaking noise when you’re driving or slowing down could indicate that your brake pads are due for replacement or your brake discs are warped or suffering from damage.

Suspension: Squeaks when going over bumps in the road could indicate worn suspension bushes or failed shock absorbers.

How is a squeaking noise from vehicle inspection carried out?

The technician assigned to your vehicle will carry out any necessary tests to determine exactly where the noise is coming from. A thorough inspection of the suspected area will then be carried out and a quote provided for any repairs or replacement that is required.

How important is this inspection?

Not only is a squeaking vehicle embarrassing, if left without repair further damage can occur to other components on the vehicle leading to a hefty repair bill or being stranded on the side of the road. It is also a safety issue, as your vehicle may have reduced stopping power or failed power steering if the drive belt fails.

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