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Transmission Repair

When You Might Need Transmission Repair

You may need transmission repair if you notice some of these signs.

Transmission Slipping: If you are experience this then it can feel like you are driving in a certain gear and then for no apparent reason it changes. The noise from the engine can also sound like whining.

Rough Shifts: If the gear shifts aren’t as smooth, or if it’s refusing to change gears like it normally does, then you may be in need of transmission repair.

Delayed Engagement: You may notice a delay before the car will start moving and engage into driving.

Fluid Leak: Your transmission shouldn’t be leaking fluid but if you notice spots on your garage or driveway then lay cardboard down to determine if it’s from the transmission. Fluid can be bright red or brown.

The Warning Light: A warning light alone doesn’t necessarily mean you need repair but you should get it checked to make sure it’s not a larger issue with your transmission.

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