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Brake service

How Often Do You Need Brake Service?

Brakes will need to be replaced when they are worn out, but brake service will be different. In order to work properly, brake pads will need to be able to slide inside the brake unit and move towards and away from the disc. Brakes will endure a lot of dust and heat when braking and moisture can build up while driving in the rain. Due to this, rust buildup can cause brake pads to stick. Similar issues can happen with the rear drum brakes as well. When pads stick then brakes may not fully release and work properly. This can cause the brakes to overheat and the performance will be compromised.

Most shops will perform a brake service whenever there is another service performed. Brakes can’t be properly inspected unless the wheels are removed. You should have a brake service done at least once a year. If there are signs that the brake pads are not moving correctly then a mechanic can also recommend a brake service. A break service doesn’t involve any replacement of parts.

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