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Vehicle Repairs Commonly Asked

car service quoting

Q - Are you able to provide a quote?

A - Yes.  Most repairs & servicing, electrical fit outs & batteries, an estimate can be given on the parts & labour required to carry out the proposed work.  However, in some cases, further work may be required on inspection.

sick car

Q - What sort of further repair may be required?

A - Once the repair on your vehicle is started, in some cases unforeseen further works may be required, that were not present or visible on initial inspection.  Some of the items include encountering rusty/broken bolts, component failure that was not visible, brittle/aged parts that fail on removal, previously incorrectly done or incorrect parts used.

You will be contacted during the repair process to advise if any further repairs are required.

Q - Are these further repairs covered under my original quote?

A - No.  Whilst all responsibility is taken to provide an accurate estimate before starting, it is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to accept any further costs involved with the repair. During the process, you will be advised of costs, given any options available to mitigate the costs and advised the best way to proceed.

Sick car Airle Auto

Q - What happens if my car breaks down & an estimate cannot be given?

A - In some cases, we need to diagnose the fault. This can vary greatly in diagnostic time.  Today’s vehicles are computers on wheels.  We are highly trained with state of the art equipment to tackle the most complex problems.  You can rest assured that we are always conscious of the most cost-effective way to complete the repair, and we endeavour to find the quickest professional way to diagnose correctly.

Q - Why do we do all these things?

family road trip

A - We only know one way to look after vehicles and that is the correct way. 

It is our legal and professional obligation to repair & check your vehicle to the highest standard; after all it does carry the world’s most precious cargo – You & your family. 

Today’s modern vehicle is a combination of ultra-high technology computers, controlling highly engineered mechanical components.  To understand, repair & maintain these systems takes highly skilled technicians that require extensive ongoing training to be at this level.  Like experts in any industry, it takes time & money to be the industry leaders.  Our investment in state of the art equipment, facility & procedure, ensures you are receiving the very best.

Hassle Free Triple Iron Clad Guarantee


If in the unlikely event
that we make a mistake,
we guarantee to either
fix the mistake or replace 
the part at absolutely no 
cost to you. 


If at any time after
having your vehicle
repaired with us, and
the vehicle breaks 
down, we will arrange
for the vehicle to be
towed to our workshop
at no cost to you.


If on the unlikely event
your vehicle breaks down 
from a mistake by us, and 
is unable to be repaired
 within 48 hours, we will 
provide a courtesy or hire 
car until your vehicle is returned.

Nobody likes a mistake, but at least you know it won’t hurt you
financially or inconvenience you if it happens. On the rare
occasion a problem arises, it is our job to make sure it is hassle free.

Triple iron clad guarantee

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