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Auto electrical services

How Do You Know if You Need Auto Electrical Services?

Modern cars are full of electronics so it’s possible that you may need auto electrical services at some point. There are a few common auto electrical problems to keep in mind.

Bad Spark Plugs or Wires: Spark plugs create the necessary power and require a small electrical charge to work. Signs of bad spark plugs include the engine cranking and not starting, rough idling, or poor acceleration.

Blown Fuse: If you lose power in one system, it could be the fuse box. The whole system is connected to ensure the right amount of power gets to each system.

Dead Battery: The battery is the source for all electricity in the car so if it's a complete electrical failure it’s likely the battery. If the car doesn’t start then the battery will need to be replaced. However, if it died because something was left running then it may just need to be jumped.

Bad Alternator: If the alternator breaks then the battery will be drained and power will be lost.

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