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Vehicle aircon repair

Common Reasons for Vehicle AC Repair

If your AC isn’t working in Cannonvale, Queensland, Australia, then you will need vehicle AC repair. There are some common reasons why your AC may not be working properly.

Refrigerant Leak: If your system uses refrigerant and it’s leaking from somewhere then the system won’t be as effective. A leak can be due to a faulty component or it can be a sign of age for older vehicles. Accidents can also cause leaks.

Electrical Issues: The knobs and buttons that you use to adjust the AC work as a computer to pass instructions to the system. These components with electrical wiring can break down and fail for a number of different reasons. A trained and experienced technician should diagnose the problem.

Compressor Problems: The compressor is an important part of the system. If this breaks down then it means the refrigerant can’t be moved through the system so the air can’t be cooled.

If there is no airflow from vents it could be a blower motor issue, vacuum or cable operation problem, or something wrong with the electrical system.

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