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Air conditioning servicing & repairs

When to Have Air Conditioning Servicing & Repairs

Having a working air conditioner in your car is essential. With the right air conditioning servicing & repairs you can make your air conditioning reliable and effective.

If the car’s air conditioning isn’t properly cooling the vehicle then it may be time for a re-gas. The weather patterns can take a toll on the vehicle. The evaporator is designed to remove heat from inside the vehicle but, since it works to absorb the heat, it is susceptible to corrosion. With regular air ongoing servicing you can protect the evaporator.

On average, your car will need air conditioning servicing & repairs every one to two years. Some cars can go up to five years but it will still be a good idea to stay on top of regular servicing. Even the best running vehicles will lose 10% of the gas in the air conditioning system yearly and that means less cold air.

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