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Radiator Repair

Different Radiator Repair You May Need

The radiator is a key component in your car but there can be different repairs you may need.

Failed Thermostat: One common radiator repair is due to thermostat failure. The thermostat will block or prevent the flow of coolant if it senses that the engine has already achieved its optimal operating temperature. If the thermostat isn’t working properly then the vehicle won’t reach the right temperature.

Leaks in Hoses: Since the radiator is a critical component for keeping your engine running, it’s important that the radiator hoses aren’t springing any leaks. Hoses can be vulnerable to the effects of the wear and may need to be replaced from time to time.

Radiator Leaks: One of the main causes of leaks is corrosion. However, this is a less common radiator repair.

Obstructions in the Cooling System: A cooling system is a closed system with tubes and hoses but anything can happen. If something is blocked then the system won’t operate properly.

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