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Muffler Repair

Signs You Need Muffler Repair

Most drivers won’t ignore a muffler issue but it can be hard to tell there is something wrong under the car and that you need muffler repair.

Loud Noises: The most obvious sign that you will need muffler repair is a change in the volume of the muffler. When it is working properly, the muffler should be quiet in the background. The loud noises can be a sign that you need to get this checked out.

Lower MPG: A well-running exhaust system helps you get better fuel economy so you should be paying attention to how often you need to get gas. More trips could mean that your car has a problem. Newer models may also track fuel economy on the dash and can help you catch a problem that can indicate muffler repair is needed.

Bad Smells: If there is a leak or a problem with your muffler then the fumes could get stuck in your car. Exhaust fumes can actually be fatal over time. If you smell something out of place then bring your vehicle to get it checked.

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