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Log book servicing

What Is Log Book Servicing?

When you get a new car or a used car still within the warranty period, you need to book a log book servicing in order to not violate the warranty. The timing and content of the services will be designated by the car manufacturer and are meant to keep the car running smoothly and find any problems that could need repair under the warranty. Each service will need to be performed by a licensed mechanic and they don’t necessarily need to be at the dealer. However, if you have purchased an extended warranty, you may have to go to the dealer.

With log book servicing, some of the services will be minor and some will be major services. Many will include safety checks specific to the vehicle. The requirements of each service will be outlined in the log book and the mechanic will perform the service based on the manufacturer’s instructions. Parts that need to be replaced will be swapped with genuine parts so you don’t need to worry about your warranty being voided.

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