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Full car service

What Is a Full Car Service?

A full car service will include the most basic level of car service and check different points of interest. There will be brake checks, an inspection of the wheel bearings, engine, shock absorbers, and the replacement of filters. A full service will include everything except for any parts requiring replacement in your vehicle’s service schedule. These may be added as extras.

There isn’t a set service schedule that will apply to all vehicles and it will depend on the car and its status. Each vehicle has its own servicing schedule that you can find in the manual. You should follow it in order to ensure your vehicle lasts as long as possible and has optimal performance. It’s always best to go with the best level of service you can afford and check what will be included in the service before you bring your car in. You can also just get your oil changed but your service book won’t be stamped and there won’t be a visual safety inspection on your car.

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