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Safety certificate

What Is a Vehicle Safety Certificate?

A vehicle safety certificate in Cannonvale, Queensland, Australia, is an inspection that is required when selling, transferring, or registering a vehicle. Vehicle safety certificates are needed for cars, motorcycles, trucks, trailers, caravans, motor homes, scooters, and tricycles. A vehicle safety certificate will last for two months from a private seller and three months from a motor dealer.

You must display the safety certificate on any registered vehicle as soon as you offer it for sale. This includes online advertisements as well as public areas. The vehicle safety certificate is used to make sure vehicles that are on the road are safe and to avoid accidents caused by defective vehicles or ones that shouldn’t be on the road. The inspection will cover the basics that can affect the safe operation of the vehicle. The certificate offers the buyer protections when purchasing a vehicle to make sure it meets the minimum safety standard. These certificates aren’t needed for unregistered vehicles and trades between licensed motor dealers.

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