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Do you need a portable jumper starter?

Be Prepared with Thunder

For the everyday motorist or weekend adventurer, car troubles can happen anywhere and can be hard to predict. Battery issues can be preventable through regularly checking your battery health and by carrying a portable jump starter.

Getting a flat battery always seems to happen when you’re in a rush and aren’t in reach of a reliable power source to rejuvenate your battery.

Thunder has you covered with a complete range of portable lithium jump starters suitable for petrol and diesel engines.

Storage & Usability – Thunder’s portable jump starter is completely portable, and can be stored in your glove box, under your seat or even in your backpack. Thunder’s full range of jump starters feature intelligent cables meaning that they won’t spark if touched together.

Power – The lithium powered device can easily be held in your hand and packs serious power with a peak current output of 800A, more than enough to start large petrol and diesel engines. From one complete charge the device can jump-start a vehicle over 40 times! Whilst the device is the perfect handheld solution for jump starting a vehicle, it also features a power bank which can be used to charge mobile phones through a handy USB port. The jump starter also features a LED torch which also strobes in case of emergency.

Charge Time – When plugged into a 240V power source the lithium jump starter generally takes around 4-5 hours to fully charge. Keep an eye on the state of charge with handy indicators!

Life Cycle – Thunder’s portable jump starter range will last 6-12 months on one complete charge depending on the temperature the device is stored in.

Whether you’re off grid for a few days or would like peace of mind knowing you have a reliable power source, Thunder’s portable lithium jump starter is a must have accessory for everyone.

For more information on the 12V 800 Peak Amp Jump Starter  or to explore the full range of Thunder’s Battery Management products click here. 

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