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05Thunder helps take you places you’ve never been before, making adventure more affordable and accessible for 4WD enthusiasts. Designed for the working adventurer, Thunder products have been tested and developed to handle anything you can throw at them without breaking the bank.

Designed to keep you on the road when you need to be, the Thunder Jump Starter is a high performance lithium battery capable of jump starting any lifeless car, multiple times. Producing a massive 18,000 milli amp hours (mAh), it has the ability to power your weekend over and over again, no matter your charging needs.

Lithium Jump Starter/Power Bank

SKU: TDR02011
  • Using the Jump Starter is easy – simply connect the intelligent jumper cables, attach them to the correct battery terminals and turn on your car. Intelligent jumper cables prevent you from damaging your electrical system should you accidentally apply the wrong lead to the wrong battery terminal. Charging your Jump Starter is just as simple, with options to charge through 240 volt mains power and 12 volt in-vehicle

    More than a compact device to revive your car, the Jump Starter also has the ability to charge your everyday mobile devices including laptops, tablets and smartphones. This allows you to stay in contact with the outside world when you’re camping or to act as a secondary battery when it goes flat during regular use. Holding charge in storage for up to six months and recharged in under eight hours, the Thunder Jump Starter is a reliable companion for any car owner, regardless of size, model or potential for adventure.

    Size: 230mm(L) x 87mm(W) x 20mm(H)
    Weight: 615g
    Power Input: 18,000 mAh, 600 CCA Peak
    Kit Contains:

    • Intelligent jumper cables
    • Car charger
    • Home charger
    • 8 x laptop connectors & switch cable
    • 3-in-1 mobile phone cable
    • Cigarette socket cable



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