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Auto Electrics

Skilled Auto Electrical Services

Auto electrical systems have changed significantly over the last several years.

That’s why the team at Airlie Auto stays up-to-date on the latest technology to ensure repairs on your vehicle are completed with expert care.
Our team uses quality parts and accessories to perform automotive electrical installations and repairs. We provide these services for your family car as well as for 4WD’s, caravans, RV’s, motorhomes, trailers, and much more.

Ignition & Starting Systems

Car won’t start? Airlie Auto skilled team can check various components to diagnose the problem. Once the cause is identified, our Whitsunday auto electricians will complete repairs so you can easily and quickly be on your way.

  • Starter motors

  • Ignition systems

  • Ignition coils

  • Coil packs

  • Alternators

  • Batteries

  • Voltage regulators

  • Engine leads

  • Cam and crank angle sensors

  • Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)

  • Engine management systems

Ignition & Starting

Lighting Systems

Safety is our top priority when it comes to your car, truck, or heavy machinery. Our team understands how having working lights are essential for safe operation. We stock a variety of lights from top brands like Hella, Lightforce, and Narva. Our highly trained Whitsunday team also repairs and fit globes for:

  • Headlights

  • High beams

  • Indicators

  • Reversing lights

  • Brake lights

  • Fog lamps

  • Driving lights

  • Spotlights

  • LED lights

  • Warning lights

  • Interior/cabin lights

  • Dashboard lights

Lighting Systems

General Auto Electrical Parts

Your car contains numerous electrical components, including gauges and instruments that are essential for it to operate safely and efficiently. Our Airlie Beach auto technicians are knowledgeable with all makes and models of vehicles to serve all of your needs.

Airlie Auto Electrics performs repairs and replacements for:

  • Fuses

  • Relays

  • Switches

  • Dashboard instruments

  • Gauges

  • Horn

  • Windscreen wiper motor and switches

  • Electric braking systems

  • Electric windows

  • Wiring for tow bars

General Auto Electrical

Solar & Charging Systems

When you use your motorhome, caravan, camper trailer or recreational vehicle, you want to be able to use appliances and accessories without worrying about draining the battery. The Airlie Auto Electrics team can help you fully utilize your vehicle without losing power.

Our experienced team of auto electricians at Airlie Beach can install solar and charging systems so you can fully use your vehicle while you’re on the move. You can also use these systems as a quiet power alternative when you’re setting up camp for the night.

Our fully equipped Whitsunday electrics workshop offers:

  • Solar wiring

  • Solar panel installation

  • Inverter installations

  • Battery charging application installations

Solar & Charging

Top Brand Names For Superior Quality

In addition to our quality services, Airlie Auto Electrics also offers a wide variety of top brand name products available for purchase. Our selection ranges from lights, switches, batteries, starter motors, alternators, and much more.

These products are available in our shop or you can purchase most of them from our online store [insert link]. Some of the top names and brands we offer include:

  • Redarc

  • OEX

  • North QLD Batteries

  • Narva

  • Lion Group

  • Hella

  • Denso

  • Bosch

  • ACDelco

Top Brand Names
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