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Tyre rotation

Benefits of Tyre Rotation

Tyre rotation is periodically changing the position on the vehicle and comes with a number of different benefits.

Tyre rotations can help preserve the traction and handling of the tyres. This is important for when roads are slick from snow or rain. Many manufacturers also require rotation in order to keep warranties valid. Rotating tyres will help even out the wear. By allowing a tyre to work in each of the four positions of a vehicle, you promote even wear across the tread pattern and this will help prolong the life of the tyre. It will also increase the performance of the vehicle. If tyres are worn then there is an increased risk of failure, which can be dangerous.

Tyres should be rotated even if they aren’t showing any signs of wear. It’s best to perform this service when the vehicle is off the ground, so it can be done during an oil change. Mechanics will also check tyres for any uneven wear and damage during the process.

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