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Minor car service

What Does a Minor Car Service Include?

A minor car service in Cannonvale, Queensland, Australia, may not cost you much but it’s necessary to maintain your vehicle and keep you and passengers safe. It can be a good way to notice any problems early before these issues cost you a lot of money. Some people think they can skip minor car service and only worry about major issues but this won’t work and can cost you a lot of money in the future.

Minor car service can include having the engine oil drained and replaced with clean oil so the car runs more efficiently, as well as having the oil filter replaced. Also included can be a fluid change for the transmission, clutch, brakes, power steering, and the coolant. Your battery will be tested to make sure that it won’t need replacing before your next service. A drive test can be performed to make sure nothing is missed that could endanger you, and wiper blades are checked to make sure replacement isn’t necessary.

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