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Mine site service and repairs

Choosing a Team for Mine Site Services & Repairs

For mine site services and repairs in Cannonvale, Queensland, Australia, it’s important to have a licensed and qualified team in order to perform these on-site electrical repairs 24 hours a day and seven days a week so you can experience minimal downtime.

Some of these mine site services & repairs can include auto electrical installations and repairs, air conditioning servicing, repair and installations, machine repairs, machine audits, tracking systems installations, shutdown maintenance, breakdown services, and shift relief. Types of equipment that can be worked on include heavy equipment, dump trucks, bulldozers, and large-scale excavators that range in size.

It’s important to choose a team with years of experience for mining and other equipment. You want the team to be able to troubleshoot a problem you are having and be able to quickly make any repairs to get you up and running again. Service vehicles should be mine site compliant as to not cause further damage.

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