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Marine electrical repairs and installation

Questions to Ask for Marine Electrical Repairs & Installation

If you are hiring a professional for marine electrical repairs & installation in Cannonvale, Queensland, Australia, you want to make sure you are getting the right person for the job. There are a few questions you can ask.

What special training do you have for this work? Since marine electrical repairs & installation requires specialized training, you want to make sure the professional has the right experience for the job.

Will you provide references? References are important so you can judge the quality of the work.

What does the estimate include? In addition to the pricing structure, you also want to discuss any incidents and items that are affected by the electrical work.

Will there be a warranty? Learn how the professional will stand behind the electrical work completed.

Who will perform the work? The person you are speaking to may not be the one doing the work. If you feel like your job requires a master’s expertise then be sure to discuss this upfront.

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Jul 31, 2022

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