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General auto electrical parts

What to Know about General Auto Electrical Parts

There are some general auto electrical parts that are important to the car.

Battery: Until the vehicle starts, the battery is providing the car’s electrical current. This includes the ignition and fuel systems, which are needed for the combustion necessary for the engine to function.

Starter: The battery supplies the power to start the vehicle but it’s the starter that will get the engine going. The starter rotates the flywheel to turn the crankshaft and begin movement of the pistons. It can be hard to determine why a starter fails. An excessive current draw will show a worn starter and a check with a mechanic can help you recognize the warning signs.

Alternator: When the engine is running, the alternator will keep the battery charged and the whole electrical system going. Your car will be able to start if the alternator is faulty but it can’t run for extended periods of time. If the alternator needs to be replaced then the car will perform erratically and eventually the engine will lose power.

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