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Booking in your car for servicing or repairs during COVID-19

Social distancing and self-isolation is now a common occurrence as Australia works to combat COVID-19 - also known as Coronavirus.

With all kinds of measures and steps being taken to prevent the spread of the virus, many routine tasks have been thrown into doubt.

Car servicing, repairs and maintenance is one of them, however, industry experts are saying that now is the time to move and make sure your car will be reliable and safe for the coming months.

The strains that the virus has put on global supply chains cannot be ignored. It’s been reported that auto service providers may be running short on essential parts sooner rather than later.

But it’s not all bad news. Aussie brands such as Bendix, who have their own manufacturing facility in Australia, can continue to service the braking needs of Australians. Additionally, brands like NGK & KYB are also currently forecasting minimal disruption to their product offerings as they enjoy supply from countries that are not highly impacted, meaning spark plug and shock absorbers supply is taken care of.

Whilst it’s great to know that there are companies still able to supply the necessary parts for our cars, for the time being, it’s important not to leave it too late in case that does change. Luckily, it still is safe to get work done on your car with a local service provider, as long as you are not showing symptoms, or have a confirmed case, of the virus.

All businesses are taking steps to ensure unwell employees are not coming into work, making sure they maintain a safe environment for both staff and customers.

Additionally, large automotive industry bodies, such as the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (VACC) have been on the front foot when advising the automotive industry on how to maintain high levels of hygiene when working on customers cars.

This includes advising businesses to wipe down contact points on cars with anti-germ wipes both before and after working on them. Contact points include door handles, steering wheels, gear knobs and bonnet latches, or any other area that has been touched.

Understandably, you still might be a bit concerned about taking your car in, or, you might be self-isolating. In this case, booking with a Airlie Auto's VIP valet pick up & drop off service is an excellent way to keep your car running smoothly, without needing to leave your house and keeping contact to a minimum. - it’s a stress and hassle-free way to get work done on your car.

An additional benefit of Airlie Auto is that you will be keeping up to date with your servicing, this is especially important for those with new cars that still have a manufacturers warranty. You need to make sure you’re getting your car serviced on time and at the correct intervals. Letting too much time pass might cause your warranty to be void.

So, to prevent yourself from being caught off-guard when that repair you’ve been putting off suddenly causes a huge problem, get your car booked in as soon as you can, so it’s one less thing you need to stress about in the coming months.

Whilst the world might be going through an uncertain time, don’t let your car's performance reliability also become uncertain! Keep on top of servicing and repairs and make sure your car is safe for the road. #Airlieauto #Whitsundays #Mechanic #Airliebeachmechanic #Cannonvalemechanic #covid19 #Coronavirus #Coronavirusaustralia #covid19whitsundays #Hamiltonisland

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