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5 Ways to Love Your Car for Valentines Day

Valentine’s day is coming up, and that means it is time to pamper your true love with attention and affection. That means you may want to book a time at the car day spa for a fluid replacement and wash and wax.

What are your date plans for your 4-wheeled love this Valentine’s day? No plans?

Here are some ideas.

Many people schedule annual, biannual or quarterly services for the new year, but this can cause scheduling problems because everyone else is doing it as well. Waiting until February, you are past all the new year’s schedules and can have an easier time getting service done, so schedule annual Valentine’s service and cleaning so your car is ready for the date.

1. Car detail

This is a simple way you can show your baby you love her. You can even do it at home. It is always a good idea to have a once in a while complete cleaning for your car. If you have a date for Valentines, you will want your car to be perfect for a special night, and if you don’t, you have nothing better to do than spend the day on a deep detail cleaning at the car wash! Single or not, it is a good idea.

2. Fluid replacement

Oil should be changed every 5,000-10,000 miles depending on the type of oil, so at the beginning of the year and then again before a winter road trip are good times for most regular drivers. Transmission, power steering, and differential oil every 3 years, so if you are approaching 3 years, now is a good time. Power steering fluid is recommended every two years, but some add it to an annual service because it is easy enough to all do at once. So, if your car is coming up on three or six years old, this is a definite for your to-do list.

3. Tire service

Tires need an occasional rotation as well. Most recommend every 5,000 to 10,000 miles, which puts it in at the same time as an oil change. So, while you are getting those fluids done, add a tire rotation to it.

4. Annual service

Any high-performance BMW, Mercedes or other vehicle needs an annual inspection. Recommended is every 10,000 miles. This is a good time to do many of our ideas mentioned here as well as have a full overall inspection for incoming problems. Make sure your electrical and other systems are in good shape and not wearing down. It is better to have an annual inspection and find something before it breaks than wind up on the side of the freeway a month later.

5. Trade in

Or, maybe you need to do all of the above and are not all that willing to drop hundreds on an annual service, hundreds more for tires and a $100 detail. That can be over $1000 just for a tune-up! A final idea is why not go for a valentines gift to yourself or significant other and just trade in your old girl and use that $1000 for a down payment on something new.

Guaranteed fresh fluids, tires and detailed already. Isn’t it time for a reward anyway?

No matter what your plans are for your car, annual and biannual services are always smart for safety and maintaining resale value. If you are not sure if you are due or need to have some routine service, make sure to give us a call on 07 4948 3204 :)

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