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Tyre Maintenance

Basic Tyre Maintenance for Every Driver

Drivers should know some basic tyre maintenance in order to make sure you are safe on the road. When tyres are properly inflated and in good condition, the safety, stability, and handling of the vehicle will be maximized. If tyres are under inflated then the safety systems on the vehicle may not be able to overcome the loss of control that can happen. Tyres will naturally lose pressure over time so this is important tyre maintenance that needs to be done.

It’s also important that tyres are rotated. Front wheel drive vehicles can cause the rear tyres to wear out much faster than rear axle tyres. Tyre rotation will prevent this from happening.


Drivers should also perform a visual inspection on a regular basis, especially after hitting a curb or road debris. Any visible damage can weaken the components of the tyre and lead to a blowout. With a regular inspection, you can identify potential problems before there is an accident.

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