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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1. Will i void my new car warranty if we service our car with you?

No.  we use factory backed parts to carry out your log book service which keeps your manufacturers warranty

2. How does your guarantee work?

The guarantee covers the parts we fit & the labour to fit them.  It is our commitment to you to showcase our quality of parts & workmanship.  We can offer our guarantee on most services and recomendations.

3. Is my vehicle in safe hands?

Our technicians are highly trained and specialized in all aspects of repair.  We offer a nationwide 12 month/20,000km warranty

4. Can Airlie Auto fit my 4WD out?

Yes.  Using quality brands and innovation, we can do everything from a single fridge plug to the ultimate touring machine

5. Does Airlie Auto only repair cars?

No.  We repair cars, trucks, civil & mining equipment.  We are the fleet specialists in Airlie Beach.

6. I’ve just bought a caravan. How does it work?

Drop into our store & let one of our experienced staff guide you through caravan systems.

7. How do i know im not being ripped off?

We understand that these days anybody can put up a website and call themselves a specialist, so people are concerned about who they are dealing with. So if you’re worried, take some time to look through our website and even give us a call.

We’ve built up a solid reputation as the best people for “high quality repairs & services & start to finish turnkey solutions at competitive prices”.

We sell only high quality brands you know and trust. Our reputation and your satisfaction is extremely important to us, so we will never leave you without a first class solution.